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Managing wealth is how we serve.

I created Gordon Private Wealth to direct my focus towards a business that serves clients first, that comes from the right place, and that connects our work in wealth management to a greater purpose. That greater purpose includes glorifying God through our lives - both personal and professional, building emerging communities like our hometown of Frisco in north Dallas, Texas, helping children who have been hurt or neglected, and fostering creativity through art, music, and entrepreneurship.

Shea Gordon, Founder and Chief Executive Officer Gordon Private Wealth


Gordon Private Wealth delivers a distinct professional perspective to wealth management clients through a fully-aligned business structure and by getting things done with a level of excellence that many clients have not experienced.  We seek deeper, more meaningful relationships with the people we serve.


Developing an astute point-of-view for investments comes from talent and experience, both of which we possess and use on our clients’ behalf.


Our interests are aligned with our clients’ interests, because we serve our clients first.


Simply put, we get it done. You can trust us to do what we say we will do for you with a sense of urgency and adherence to a sound process.

At Gordon Private Wealth, we serve families, executive leaders, and business owners who have accumulated wealth through either a lifetime of working hard or through a sudden "wealth event" - like the receipt of an inheritance or the sale of an asset like a large real estate position, concentrated stock holdings, or a family-owned business. Most of the clients we work with have net worths between $2 million and $10 million or more. Our clients expect a higher level of sophistication without sacrificing personalization.

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Perspective. Alignment. Execution.